Discovery Flights - Plus Package

Pegasus Aviation Services

Plus Package - $150.00

Our most popular package! On this 1 hour flight we will go on a direct flight that will take us over Lake Jordan - where we will perform several different maneuvers. Through it all you will get an exceptional opportunity to view the lake from above. On our return trip, we will fly over the cities of Wetumpka and Millbrook to give you and your passengers (if you choose to bring any) the pleasure of seeing your world from a new perspective. Then, we will make our way back to the airport for an assisted landing.

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Please note: 
1. You may take up to two additional people with you on your Discovery Flight (weight restrictions may apply, combined weight of you and up to 2 passengers cannot exceed 480lbs). 

2. All flights are subject to rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather and maintenance. Please check the Calendar when choosing the dates you would like to fly.

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